Wednesday, 26 February 2014 23:53

352212 Persian Calendars-Tehran exhibition

A collection of Persian historical calendars has been showcased during an exhibition mounted in Tehran's Malek Museum and Library.

The exhibition titled Circulation of Time introduces different Persian calendars and their details while demonstrating Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) calculations, solar and lunar eclipses.

The exhibited calendars indicate diverse categories such as fishing calendars, local calendars and agricultural calendars.

The earliest evidence of Iranian calendar and the related traditions is from the second millennium BCE.

Old Persian inscriptions and tablets reveal that early Iranians used a 360-day calendar based on the solar observation directly and modified for their beliefs.

The Iranian calendar (also known as Persian calendar) is a solar calendar currently used in Iran and Afghanistan.

The exhibition of Persian historical calendars is scheduled to be continued until the end of April.